Brain Enhancement Nutrient – CHOLINE

You want to become a smarter version of yourself, outperform at work, and you are looking for that miracle product? You may be already swallowing fish gels with high doses of EPA & DHA. Well, that’s fine. But you need an accompanying nutrient to help in the process of feeding your brains. Reading through this post will finally help you reach your goal.

Don’t waste time buying commercial products. You should rather work your way in feeding your brain with an element that will bring about the boost that you have been looking for. A product that when swallowed, should reach directly to the core of the brain.

A nutrient that will reach the core of your brain
The most plentiful neurotransmitter in the body is Acetylcholine and the nutrient precursor to it is Choline.

What is Choline?
Choline is a vitamin-like compound. It is an essential part of the human diet without which, no cell in the human body could function normally. Choline is a substance from which the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine is formed. Nerves use Choline to make Acetylcholine, which acts as a messenger between a huge variety of nerves.

What is Acetylcholine?
Acetylcholine lets your nerve cells communicate with each other; if there were no acetylcholine in your brain, you wouldn’t be able to remember who you are!

Acetylcholine tells your muscles to contract and also tells your hippocampus to store a memory of your action. It is essential to your level of alertness, attention, learning, and memory. Lack of Acetylcholine has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

You see, your leg muscles are not controlled by a mind of their own. Your muscles would be lying uselessly around in your legs unless they were commanded by their ‘big brothers,’ the nerve cells to contract and push you toward the direction you want to walk.

Benefits of Choline:

What does Choline do to your body & brain
Adequate consumption of Choline helps your liver to process fat, and avoid you getting a fatty liver which can be a risk of liver cancer, prediabetes, and muscle breakdown.
Choline helps the brain to develop efficiently. The development of the memory center of the brain – the hippocampus, and the development of the frontal cortex which is responsible for high-level thinking, both requires Choline.

Choline during pregnancy
A high intake of Choline during pregnancy, as from the earliest stages of development of the fetus, results in higher cognitive performance of the child at 7 years old.

The best dietary sources of Choline are
• Beef liver, pan fried, 3 ounces (356mg)
• Egg, hard-boiled, 1 large egg (147mg)
• Wheat germ, toasted, 1 ounce (51mg)
• Peanuts, dry roasted, ¼ cup (24mg)
• Chicken breast, roasted, 3 ounces (72mg)
Choline supplement (500mg)

How much Choline should you intake per day?
According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – National Institutes of Health, the adequate intakes for Choline is as follows:

Female 425mg
Pregnancy 450mg
Lactation 550mg
Men 500mg

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