7 Skills to Boost Intelligence


It’s never too late to become better at something. Even if learning is easier and faster for children, adults don’t waste their time: the more they practice, the more they progress!

So rather than watching yet another episode of that show, you’re not even sure you like, why not become a better version of yourself a little more each day?

1. Develop your sense of direction

If you’re always getting lost, you need to work on your sense of direction before hiking or exploring a foreign country.

Where in the brain? Orientation in space depends on the right brain.

How to improve? To improve your spatial skills, you need to force yourself to take bearings while hiking. Forget the GPS at home and remember that you are parked by the yellow pole. If you’re worried about forgetting, write it down. Avoid letting someone else guide you too much on your walk.

2. Become more social

Making new friends isn’t always easy. But if you don’t want to be the green plant at a cocktail party, go for it!

Where in the brain? The right side of the brain determines our social skills.

How can we improve? To get better at relating to others, you need to get used to meeting strangers. To cultivate your social skills, you can, for example, turn to an association, sign up for a game night or practice a cultural activity, such as theatre.

3. Improve your ear

Except for exceptionally gifted people at an instrument or singing, music is not something you learn in a day. If you sing like a potato or don’t know a single chord, you’ll need to work every day.

Where in the brain? Musical skills are developed on the right side of the brain.

How do you get better? To learn to play an instrument or sing, you need to start with music theory or choir and then hone your skills. Music requires an excellent ear, developed through frequent and varied listening.

4. Make an effort in language

7 Skills to Boost Intelligence

Languages are memorized in our left brain. There is no better method than staying in the country concerned with learning and improving a foreign language.

You can also take courses.

A more “fun” way to learn is to read books in the language or watch movies or series in the original language on TV or DVD. You can start with subtitles until you get to the point where you don’t need subtitles. Just change the language on your remote control.

5. Improve your memory

With all these supports to make our lives easier and avoid forgetting anything, our memory hardly works anymore… How many phone numbers do you know by heart, and how often do you hear people around you say: “wait, I have to write it down; otherwise, I’ll never remember it…

Memory is like a muscle, and you have to train it! Let’s give you some techniques here.

6. Work on mental calculation and logic

From the restaurant to the kitchen, mathematics remains essential to everyday life through shopping and bills.

Where in the brain? The math bulge is located in the right brain.

The brain is a muscle that needs to be worked on every day. How to improve? Daily mental arithmetic exercises are a must to keep your math skills intact. Sudoku and puzzles are also very effective.

7. Increase your physical abilities

To become a champion basketball player or an outstanding horseman, you need to maintain your physical fitness.

Where in the brain? Learning a sport depends on the right brain.

How can you improve? To improve your physical skills, you need to train at least once a week. A healthy and balanced diet, free of alcohol and tobacco, favours this learning. Video games, which improve reflexes, can also help make better athletes.

Be aware that non-verbal, intuitive and spatial skills such as the arts or sports depend on the right hemisphere. The brain’s left hemisphere coordinates the abstract, the analytical and the verbal: it’s where language is developed and where you can do the math.

The motivated brain knows no limits! No matter what skill you want to cultivate, don’t give up on the first failure. On the contrary, these failures help you move forward and learn more about yourself.

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