How to Boost Your Memory


– 3 dominant rules in memorization

– How to memorize well?

– 2 easy tips to boost your memory!

The memory only wears out if you “forget” to use it!

There are various ways to maintain and develop your memory: playful exercises, neuro-linguistic programming, mind mapping, sleep, diet, etc.

But above all, there are a few general rules to follow to learn how to memorize well.

3 dominating rules in memorization

There are 3 dominant factors when it comes to the subject of memorization:

– The visual dominant: some people remember better what they have read or seen.

– The auditory dominant: some people need audio support or to verbalize out loud their lessons.

– Kinesthetic: Some people need touch to help them remember.

Pay attention to what you remember best: images, sounds, smells, touch… You will then learn what your dominant is. And when you need to memorize something, approach it with the sense that is most favourable to you.

Some people can be both visual and auditory and will need to use both aspects of the memorization process.

Example: reading aloud a vocabulary list AND writing, reading, or drawing a representation of the words learned on a piece of paper.

How to memorize well?

Use your ability to concentrate.

Paying attention to what you read, listen to or look at makes it easier to retain information.

Distracted students will have a more challenging time memorizing a lesson than a student who has already been through the course with attention.

Rehearse in a situation

The actors show us that it is not enough to learn a dialogue to know it perfectly.

Rehearsal and role-playing are necessary for good memorization.

As such, students who do group rehearsals are more likely to succeed. Reciting a course by answering specific questions, as can be done at the time of an exam, helps ensure that you have mastered your subject.

You may feel like you know something, but repeating or revising are not unnecessary tasks.

Knowing how to use your biorhythms

If you need to memorize a relatively dense and challenging history lesson, don’t choose to start at 2:00 pm, just after lunch. It may take you twice as long to learn.

After all, memory has its moments. We already know that we are more efficient at doing intellectual work:

– in the morning,

– in the afternoon, around 3:30 or 4:00 pm,

– or in the evening, far enough away from the meal and digestion.

Since the digestion process is done with our brain’s help, it will be more difficult for it to operate simultaneously for learning.

Sleep is also an ally of our memory that we must know how to use.

Mnemonics on an excellent memorization

What is a mnemonic? It is a “trick” that will allow us to memorize more easily.

For example: if you have a “5068” code to remember, a mnemonic will find a “formula” to remember this number. It can be “50” for the fifty states in the U.S., and “68” can correspond to your year of birth.

Tips to boost your memory

There are so many tips out there to boost your memory. This post will only give you 2 basic tips to remember!

– Enjoying what you do helps you to remember. If you don’t enjoy a class, it will be harder for you to memorize it, while something you enjoy is easier to remember.

– Use food supplements when your diet is not enough to give you a “boost”! You can notably use a plant in Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri), also known as waterhyssop or Brahmi. It is found in capsule form: take two capsules in the morning for one month, every other month.

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