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Chiropractic, What For?

Back pain or migraine headaches can destabilize our entire body. In addition, these illnesses often lead to others: fatigue, memory and concentration disorders in...


Tips to Have Lynx Eyesight

Even if you don’t wear glasses yet, touch wood! With the advent of screens, the eyes are subjected to intense strain throughout the day,...


What is Testosterone

Highlights: What is testosterone? Testosterone determination Testosterone supplement A sexual hormone or steroid par excellence, testosterone is more precisely the main androgenic hormone, i.e....


How to Perform a Self-Massage

Among the many massage techniques that exist, one of the easiest to implement is the do-in, which consists of massaging yourself. Nevertheless, to benefit...


How to Minimize Acne?

Many of us went through the skin dilemma called acne. Whether as adults or teenagers, skin breakouts sometimes appeared as uncontrollable. Acne is a...


Should I Go for a Foot Massage

Foot massage, impregnated with foot reflexology, gives access to all organs and promotes pain relief and the evacuation of all forms of tension. Just...