Secrets to Making your Woman Achieve Orgasm

Achieving orgasm can be difficult for some women. But if you know how to tackle the thing like a pro, you are good to go! Yes, sir! Good sex life is essential for the good health of a couple. If you are reading this post, it is because you care for the sexual satisfaction of your partner. So, here we go without further delay!

1. Foreplay

First of all, discard the penis size or pornographic skills. The key to achieving orgasm is foreplay and you should know how to do that. You are not an expert? Don’t worry, you are about to become one!

Women are not machines. But, allow me to write this little anecdote (although a little sexist). You can’t expect your car to reach cruising speed or high speed immediately as you start your engine. It takes the time needed as you doze the accelerator pedal if you are not in a hurry! The idea is to tell you that a woman’s body also needs its own time to start responding to what you are doing to her.

You feel aroused and ready to take off from the moment she gives you a glance or after you see her in that sexy underwear. Stop! She needs emotional and physical stimulation. This will arouse, lubricate and get her ready for an orgasm.

Stimulate her mentally

Do not rush or treat it like an obligatory task. Foreplay can begin hours before sex, and every minute of it will be preparing both of you. It will bring the heat and put you in an aroused and flirtatious state. Let the moment last and be pleasurable. Make her feel secure and get her thinking and awaiting your next move. It can be simple things like a sexy sticky note on the door of your refrigerator or on her laptop screen.

Tender touch

You are both in the same room or on the terrace, anywhere be it. When you pass your way near her, caress her waist, back or shoulder. You can also hold her hand or touch her thigh. In the process, you can hug her a little bit. These moves let her know you are approaching her. Something magic is being released in the air. Your hormones are in action and your heartbeat is different. You get the picture.

Kissing is essential to foreplay

We all kiss on the lips and that’s fine. But it is both fun and rewarding trying to discover new places to kiss. For instance, try the back of her neck. The neck is full of sensory nerves. Also, check other places that turn her on like the shoulders. You can put a love bite there in the process. If she likes it, good for you!

Whisper sweet nothings

Don’t be on mute. Talk to her during foreplay. Hearing how good and happy she’s making you feel will help her to open up to you. Praise her, but be truthful in your praises.

2. Know her kinky spots!

Do you want to enhance your partner’s intimacy? Two places of the body are critical to female orgasm. You need to stimulate them so she can achieve orgasm.

The clitoris

This tiny spot has a lot of nerve endings. You will find it near the top of the vulva. A clitoral hood (a little bit of skin) covers the clitoris. So, you may have to stimulate the clitoris by touching or licking it. But check out on your woman’s reaction! Not all women enjoy this because of the sensibility of the nerves ending down there. As she becomes aroused and gives in to the play, the hood will draw back while the clitoris erects.


You will reach to this special area inside the vagina. It carries nerve endings about two inches up from the pubic bone on the inner, upper wall of the vagina. Now you need to stay focused! You will find the G-spot by sliding your finger gently inside her vagina with your palm facing up. Then curl your finger up like you are indicating a “come here” motion. Be responsive to how your woman mourns. Some women love hard and quick stimulation at that level. Some women prefer less pressure on this sensitive area. Caution here! Handle her with care! Explore your techniques, ask her how she feels, and what she likes best.

3. Sexual positions

Try the positions that involve the greatest stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot or both!

Learn to master the three positions below and you will make your woman proud of yourself.

Position for clitoris stimulation: Cowgirl/Woman on top

This position is best to stimulate the G-spot, given the angle of the penis. She will be able to move her body in a way that she feels best to stimulate her clitoris.

Position for G-spot stimulation: Rear entry/Doggy style

Doggy style does not provide much clitoral stimulation. Yet, it provides excellent penetration and stimulation of that venerated G-spot. In the process, either of you can reach your finger down there to rub the clitoris.

Position for both clitoris and G-spot stimulation: Sitting

If you can hold her with your arms to sit in your lap, you are aiming for perfection! This position allows for both deep penetration and good clitoral stimulation. It also provides plenty of eroticism and intimacy. Both partners face each other, and you can kiss her lips at the same time. Remember to ask her feedback to make sure she loves what you do.

If your partner cannot reach orgasm, she can get a medical checkup. A gynecologist will tell if there is any disease or if she needs any medication. The gynecologist can also refer you to an AASECT Certified Professional. They hold degrees in marriage and family therapy, psychology or medicine.

I wish you success ahead. For more information and tips, jot down your comments in the section below.

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