Virtues Vitamin E Confers to Your Body


  • Benefits of vitamin E
  • When to take vitamin E?
  • Foods rich in vitamin E
  • Vitamin E: where to get it and at what price?

Vitamin E can be used as a food supplement. Sold in the form of capsules to be taken daily during cures, it is part of the components of a healthy and balanced diet while providing many virtues to the body, including the skin.

Benefits of vitamin E

Among the many virtues that vitamin E confers to the body, we find :

    – the reduction of oxidative stress responsible for premature aging of the body;

    – the improvement of recovery time for athletes;

    – the protection of the skin against free radicals, responsible for the formation of wrinkles and fine lines;

    – the protection of the upper layers of the epidermis and the eyes against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays;

    – the maintenance of the hydration, the flexibility as well as the elasticity of the skin;

    – the health of blood vessels.

Note: you can consume vitamin E regardless of skin type.

When to take vitamin E?

A course of treatment or a daily intake of vitamin E is recommended for:

    – Pregnant women or women wishing to improve their fertility;

    – people suffering from heart or blood circulation problems;

    – people suffering from certain autoimmune or inflammatory diseases

    – high-level athletes;

    – the elderly.

Vitamin E has also been mentioned as a protective agent against certain cancers, such as prostate cancer.

Advice: it is recommended to take one to two capsules per day with meals.

Also, besides its marketing in the form of capsules, vitamin E can be incorporated into various cosmetic products such as

    – after-sun repair creams ;

    – creams and soaps for the shower;

    – balms and creams for the body.

Foods rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E can be found naturally in certain vegetables and nuts such as

    – spinach ;

    – asparagus

    – avocados

    – almonds

    – peanuts;

    – hazelnuts.

Note: it is also found in rapeseed and olive oils.

Vitamin E: where to get it and at what price?

You can purchase vitamin E:

    – in pharmacies and para pharmacies ;

    – in some organic stores;

    – on the Internet.

Good to know: vitamin E is available over the counter, but a doctor can also prescribe a cure.

Prices depend on the quantities and packaging chosen. The average budget varies between :

    – $3 to $10 for a bottle of essential oil of vitamin E from 5 to 30 ml;

    – $10 to $30 for 30 to 90 capsules containing vitamin E, to be taken as a cure for one to two months.

Note: Vitamin E can also be sold as flat tablets with the same properties as vitamin E capsules.

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