Guava, scientifically known as Psidium Guajava, is a sweet and delicious fruit cultivated in the tropical climates. It has small hard seeds enveloped in a soft, sweet pulp and a pink or white flesh, depending on its type. It is mostly eaten raw or consumed in the form of juice, puree, jams, jellies or mixed in ice cream preparations.

Let’s talk about the benefits of guava for you.

Guava contains essential vitamins and minerals. It is packed with polyphenolic and flavonoid antioxidants, which help to prevent cancer. It is also an immune booster and combats aging.
Eating 4-5 guavas can keep your belly full and reduce your appetite for some time, which is good for people who want to cut on weights as guava is low in calories and fat.

Vitamin A
Guava fruit is a rich source of vitamin A, and flavonoids such as lutein, beta-carotene, lycopene, and cryptoxanthin. Vitamin A found in guava has antioxidant properties that are essential for optimum health. Vitamin A also maintains a healthy mucous membrane on the skin. Natural fruits rich in carotene are known to protect against oral cavity and lung cancer.

Vitamin B
Guava is a source of complex B vitamins such as vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), niacin, Pantothenic acid, vitamin E and K and minerals such as manganese, copper, and magnesium. Mangan is used by the body as a joint factor for superoxide dismutase enzyme which is an antioxidant. Copper is a vital element to produce red blood cells.

Antioxidant Vitamin C
Guava is one of the best sources of antioxidant vitamin C. Only 100g of fresh guavas can provide 228mg of vitamin C – more than three times the recommended daily intake. The intake of vitamin-C rich fruit helps the body to fight free radicals and infectious cancer agents.

Collagen is a primary protein structure that is needed to maintain the integrity of your blood vessels, organs, skin, and bones. Vitamins are essential for collagen synthesis in the body.

Raw guava is very rich in potassium. It contains more potassium per wight than other fruits such as banana, cantaloupe, and apricot. Potassium is essential in cell and body fluids that help control blood pressure and heart rate.

Rich Source of Fiber
Guava is a rich source of soluble fiber – about 5.4 g per 100 g of fruit, about 14% of the daily recommended value). Its fiber content makes it a good natural laxative and helps protect the mucous membrane of the colon by reducing exposure to toxins as well as cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.

As you can see, so many nutritional benefits packed in such a simple fruit. Start adding this fruit to your diet and stay in good health!

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