The Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

Hearing loss often occurs due to old age or injury but it can also happen because of loud sounds. A ‘loud’ sound can be something simple and every day, such as using a lawnmower and it can even occur while driving a car or taking public transport. Needless to say, protecting your ears is extremely important but you also need to think about how you do it.

The Problem With Regular Hearing Protection

Most forms of hearing protection are not entirely suited for your needs. For instance, they are not designed to fit your ears and personal uses. If you need headphones to ride your motorcycle, they may not fit your helmet correctly, provide enough hearing protection or may be too hot on your ears.
Finding the right pair of hearing protectors can take a long time, so it’s often best to talk to your hearing aid specialist and have a custom pair made to fit your exact needs. This will save you a lot of inconvenience in the future and means you won’t have to waste money buying and trying on several pairs.

Benefits Of Custom Ear Protection

Let’s take a look at the typical benefits you can expect when you swap to customized ear protection:

  • Custom Earmuffs Are Cheaper in the Long Run


    Noise Canceling Earmuffs

    Noise Canceling Earmuffs

    Custom earmuffs are surprisingly cheap, especially when you consider that they last longer than cheap disposable ones and offer better protection. Even if you visit a hearing care provider to have a custom ear protector made for you, it’s only slightly more expensive than buying cheap headphones from a health shop. In fact, you can even purchase custom-molded earplugs that you can use at home and adapt to the shape and size of your ear. The money you’ll save on one major investment is much better than spending a lot of money on replacing cheaper disposable earplugs.

  • Fit for Your Ears

    Not all earplugs are suited for everyone. Ear anatomy differs from person to person and one of the biggest problems with ear protection is that it is a bother to wear. It can feel uncomfortable; it can be irritating when it falls out and there is a good chance you will stop wearing them as a result. Custom ear protection is guaranteed to fit your ear canal perfectly and is also much more comfortable. This may persuade you to wear them more frequently, thus protecting your hearing better than cheaper solutions.

  • Built for Your Needs

    Your audiologist or hearing care professional will probably ask you some questions about how you plan to use your hearing protection. For example, if you use it to work on a construction site, you may find that comfort and long-term use are critical factors in determining how useful they are. On the other hand, if you are only going to use them for a short time, such as when you are playing a song in a band, you may prefer the ease of putting them on and taking them off quickly.

  • Protect Against Ear Infections


    Ear Infection

    Ear Infection

    The materials used for cheap earplugs can contain bacteria that can grow on warm and moist surfaces. This can give you ear infections that are not exactly desirable. To protect against this, it is essential to use earplugs made of or coated with special materials and antibacterial layers that prevent bacteria from growing. The last thing you need is your low-cost ear protection solution to give you a nasty ear infection, so be sure to invest a little more money to get a safer solution.

  • Prevent Hearing Loss and Damage More Effectively

    At the end of the day, you are wearing custom earplugs because they are the best defense against hearing loss. They fit your ears better, are more comfortable and do not contain harmful bacteria. If you want to lower the level of ambient noise and prevent hearing loss more effectively, it is better to spend a little more money on custom ear protectors that can ensure the safety of your hearing.


These are just a couple of the advantages you can expect when you switch to custom hearing protection. Your audiologist will be able to discuss and advise the different options available to you. Call Choice Audiology today to see what options are available: (865) 324-0210.

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