Do You Need Therapy?

I would rephrase the question: When do you know you need professional help? We all experience periods of stress, sadness, grief, illness, and conflicts sometimes. Some of us require assistance and help to get through these tough times. While many people suffer from a form of mental illness, only about 46-65 % of them seek treatment.

Sometimes just talking to a sympathetic listener is enough to feel better. Seeking help from a therapist has been viewed as a negative thing for a number of years but with recent progress and the numerous talks on mental illness, people are finally realizing the importance of therapeutic help.

Below are some of the alarming signs to look out for and which help to indicate when someone needs a therapist.


If you’ve suffered from some kind of trauma and you can’t seem to get over it or stop thinking about it, then a therapist can help you. Talking to someone who will not judge or belittle you is the best way to feel completely at ease and talk about your difficult times and heal from it.

Immune System Failure

Are you experiencing frequent colds, headaches, or stomach-aches? Our immune system is not always perfect and we need to understand what our body is telling us. This condition can make us feel down and depressed as we might not know what’s happening to our body and health. While seeing a doctor is a necessity, consulting a therapist is also advisable as they can help you understand your body and make the situation less stressful.


When people think of addiction, they usually think of alcohol or drugs. But addiction can take various forms. You may be addicted to your phone, to a particular food, overeating, to watching TV, and so on. And if these activities are affecting your life and well-being, then you need to change your habits. A therapist will help you prioritize your goals and help cope with the addiction.


Loneliness affects a lot of people and can lead to dangerous ends if not treated early on. If you feel disconnected from your friends and family and feel like no one is available to talk to you, you can trust your therapist to be there for you.

Contact one today if you feel lonely!

Other important signs to look for include marital/relationships problems, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, employment issues, or feeling stuck.

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