The Best Gifts You Can Give To Your Body

Many of us like to buy ourselves something nice, like a new dress, jewelry, or even shoes but what we’re talking about here is a bigger and better gift than all of those. We are talking about a gift that won’t cost you a single dollar. Yes, it’s free, yet it’s not given. This gift will serve you as well as your family for a long time to come, but what is often forgotten: good health. Here are some tips to help you benefit from this treasure!

Gift 1: Give Your Gut a Break

Have you been overeating for days? Then a rest day can provide a huge relief to your gastrointestinal tract. You can call it a balanced day or a light fast or simply “enough is enough” day.

Plan a day of “moderate” eating. Create a daily menu and stick to it. Add fiber-rich foods to your daily menu and drink more than usual. Fiber will help you have more consistent bowel movements. It can be found in fruits and vegetables as well as bread. It is a soft, soluble (prebiotic) fiber. If you are going to have a lot of fiber in your diet, you need to have a lot to drink as well. Fiber absorbs water in the intestines. If you drink too little, the extra fiber will make your bowel movements worse.

Gift 2: Give Yourself Energy

You need the energy to work. We get it from sleep and food. However, food seems to be more of a sacrifice than the energy you get. After eating, we feel tired rather than full of energy.

This feeling of fatigue has everything to do with the rise and fall of blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level is the amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose is an essential fuel for cells and is obtained from carbohydrates in food (sugars and starches found in bread, pasta, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and legumes). Therefore, all carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, but not all carbohydrates do so at the same rate. Some carbohydrates are fast, and some are slow. The slower your blood sugar rises, the better, but if your blood sugar rises quickly and then falls again quickly, your blood sugar will spike again and again. When your blood sugar is stable, you will feel better and have more energy. Slow carbohydrates keep your blood sugar level constant and help you feel better.

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Yoga, Meditation, Energy

Gift 3: Give Your Skin Some Oil

In fall and winter, your skin can get dry, rough, and tight. Hot showers, bad weather, and heating can dry out the skin, and in winter, this can be a more complicated problem.

The most important thing to support and protect the skin is adequate rest (sleep!), good creams, and foods that contain enough omega fatty acids. These fatty acids nourish the skin from the inside out and are excellent for elasticity and moisture balance. They can be found in oily fish and vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola oil, and evening primrose oil.

Skin creams often contain vitamins E and A, but of course, you can also get them from your diet. So, oranges (beta carotene!), this substance is converted to vitamin A in the body when eaten. Be sure to include leafy greens, cereals, nuts, carrots, and peppers in your menu. Your skin will thank you. Lastly: Washing your face feels nice and fresh, but you don’t need to use soap daily. Using water only for a few days can be more helpful.

Give 4: Get Some Air Into Your Lungs

Mold in the house can lead to respiratory problems. It can also increase the risk of asthma. On average, there are about 10 different types of molds living in the house.

Moisture is one of the leading causes of mold growth. Molds mainly occur in damp homes with inadequate heating and poor ventilation. This is most common in old houses that are poorly ventilated. To prevent mold growth, it is crucial to open the windows more often and take good care of the inside of the house. Ventilation also has the advantage of keeping the air inside the home from becoming too dry. When the air is dry, dust is released faster and floats around.

People with allergies react to dust. The muscles around the airways contract, the mucous membranes swell, and more mucus is secreted. This causes the airways to narrow, making it difficult to breathe. It can also trigger an asthma attack.

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Upper Body, Lungs

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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