Bodybuilding: Lifestyle And Training

Each of us has his conception of the life in professional terms. The fields of application can be intellectual, athletic, or artistic. “Natural bodybuilding” is synonymous with “bodybuilding,” but in the truest sense of the word. Steroids and other doping substances are officially taboo. Muscles must be developed through a balanced diet and well-structured training. Discover in this article the behind-the-scenes of bodybuilding. This article will reveal what bodybuilding is all about. So, without further ado, let’s dive into thisĀ blog.



It is better known under the common name “Bodybuilding”. It is a sport and artistic practice designed to develop the muscle mass of the body significantly. Bodybuilding aims to expose them to the general public in the form of performance. The choreography will be done in the form of coded plastic poses individually or in groups according to the case of the spectacle. Currently, bodybuilding is practiced as much by men as by women.


Some people say that this activity is an addiction, but in reality, it emanates mainly from a passion. Indeed, it requires an extraordinary will and the adoption of a very demanding lifestyle, hence the term “bodybuilding,” which implies a culture. The hygiene of life is very important in bodybuilding. Obviously, this discipline is made for people in good physical condition; the state of health is therefore crucial.

At the food level

A varied and balanced diet must be respected. The distribution of macronutrients is as follows. The food consumed daily must contain 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins, and 20% lipids. The intake of essential foods is done: in the morning at breakfast and at times around the training (before, during, after).

Protein consumption

Protein-rich foods are preferred, such as flank steak, salmon, chicken breast, or pork tenderloin. For some, meat is substituted by soy or mycoprotein. In the morning, egg yolks, oatmeal, or protein-rich cereals with a protein shake are in order. Between meals, bodybuilders take protein shakes and bars. And note that water, too, plays a crucial role in maintaining the body for individuals subject to intensive physical training.

Fruits and vegetables

Among them, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and potatoes are recommended. Red fruits are recommended because they contain less sugar. Multi-vitamin supplements can also be taken. Butter, oil, fatty sauces, industrial foods, and refined sugar-based foods are prohibited.

At the behavioral level

Bodybuilding requires a great deal of self-control and a well-defined life discipline in order to achieve specific objectives.

At the mental level


Bodybuilding requires a state of mind armed with patience and positive thoughts.


Bodybuilding is not only done for fun but also with the goal of competing in national and international competitions. Regular and intensive physical training is required to achieve the right body symmetry. The number of training sessions is 5 to 6 times a week, consisting of two daily sessions at specific and fixed times.

    • The essential points
    • Diet
    • Rest
    • Progressive increase in weight.

The training phases

Daily exercises focus on squats, pectorals, triceps, shoulders, back, abs and calves. Exercises such as skipping and elliptical cycling are used to warm up.


This involves lifting heavy weights for three to five repetitions with a rest period of three to five minutes.

Weight gain

This training involves heavy lifting combined with cardio and stretching sessions. It consists of medium sets of 8 to 12 reps with medium-heavy loads, followed by a two- to three-minute rest.

The dry phase


A few months before a competition, about 10 weeks, the bodybuilder must practice a dry phase to eliminate fat mass to harmonize his body. The weight of the loads to be lifted decreases. In the last week, the consumption of carbohydrates stops for three days. Then, it resumes three days before the day of the competition.

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