5 Things To Know Before Getting Contacts

Wearing contacts and glasses are very trendy nowadays. As someone who started wearing glasses at 4, let me tell you that this wasn’t always the case, especially when you are in middle school. Some people use glasses and contacts for aesthetic purposes, while others like me need them to see better.

Millions of people wear contacts, and you might not notice this by just looking at them. If you are not as comfortable with wearing glasses, then contacts are the way to go. So, without further ado, let’s learn some of the things that you ought to know before you get contact lenses.

What are contact lenses?


They are thin and curved lenses placed on the film of the tears, and they cover the surface of one’s eyes (other types of lenses used for aesthetic purposes can cover the whole eyes, even the white part). Nowadays they come in either soft or hard form, and the one you wear depends on your needs and choice.

Contact lenses are usually naturally clear but the often given a slight tinge of color to make them easier for the wearer to handle. Putting and removing your contact for the first time can be a pretty gruesome experience, but this gets easier to handle as you continue to wear them.



Contrary to popular belief, the appointment can take more time than you think, and you need to be in the right headspace for that. Compared to glasses which almost need no explanation, your optician will have a lot to tell you about contacts. So, when you are booking your appointment for a contact, you better have your schedule empty afterward, but this will take some time out of your day.

Also, if you are going for the first time, don’t wear makeup. They will teach you how to wear the contact, and the first item you do so, a lot of tears will come out. You will be losing your own makeup, and the contact will have to be cleaned more often to remove any impurities.

For the most part, if you are going to an optician, then you are looking for a medical device that will help your vision. Because of this, your doctor will have to make sure that you can use and remove them correctly. This, at times, may take well over 30 minutes.

If you are too squeamish, this is not for you because you will touch your eyes a lot.



Unlike glasses, the maintenance of contact is much more expensive. For glasses, you just clean them once in a while and need to store them in a safe or safe-ish location. This is the most you need to do for the maintenance unless some part is broken.

Contacts are a bit similar but need much more maintenance, and this can be a real hassle at times. You will have to keep your contact lenses in a hard case that holds a contact solution. This will keep them lubricated and will make them easier to wear.

If water touches it, your lenses can get damaged because they don’t mesh well with water. It is essential for you to keep your contact clean at all times, and this means that you shouldn’t touch them if your hands are dirty or not clean.

You should also be aware that the contact case must be replaced once every couple of months, and you need to be careful not to drop the lenses on the group or scratch them. A lot of care goes into maintaining your contact in good condition.

Prep your hands


It is not unusual for people who wear contacts to get eye infections. This is because you will be touching your eyes to put and remove your glasses, and if they aren’t clean, you might be spreading bacteria to your eyes. When you go to your optician for your contacts, they will go through how important hygiene is when it comes to contact.

So, you need to know how to wash your hands, especially if you are going to wear your contact every day. You need to know proper handwashing etiquette to avoid any eye infections. So, whenever you need to put and remove your contact, you should wash your hands thoroughly first.

Make sure that your nails are trimmed so that you don’t hurt your eyes. You need to start by rinsing them under warm water to kill any bacteria that might be present. Then, lather both hands with antibacterial soap and scrub them for at least 30 seconds. Rinse them and dry them fully. Only then can you put or remove your contact lenses.

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