Is Buttermilk Healthy Or Not?

Buttermilk is a product that has been available in supermarkets for a long time, but it seems to be slowly losing popularity. The sour taste is not for everyone. However, some assert that buttermilk is good for your health. But is it? Let’s find out!

What Is Buttermilk?

Of course, before we can determine whether it is healthy or not, we need to clarify what buttermilk is and where it comes from. Buttermilk is usually made from cow’s milk and can be made in two ways: the old-fashioned way and the modern way.

In the traditional way, the cream is churned (stirred vigorously up and down), an acidic liquid comes out in addition to the lumps used for butter. This liquid is fresh buttermilk.

The method currently used by dairy farmers is a bit simpler and can be applied on a larger scale. Lactic acid bacteria are added to the skimmed milk. The lactose in the skimmed milk is converted to lactic acid. This acidic skimmed milk is the buttermilk that is sold in supermarkets today.

Why Is Buttermilk Good for Your Health?

Now that we know how buttermilk is made, let’s look at the properties that make buttermilk healthy. There are several reasons why buttermilk is healthy:

Buttermilk Is High in Vitamin B12

Like many animal products, buttermilk contains a lot of vitamin B12. For example, this vitamin is essential for producing red blood cells, and it also plays a vital role in our nervous system. So if you don’t want to be deficient in this, drink a glass of buttermilk a day; we can reduce the chances of vitamin B12 deficiency and its adverse effects.

It May Be Easier To Digest Than Other Dairy Products

The lactobacillus bacteria in buttermilk makes lactose easier to digest, making it easier for lactose-intolerant people to digest. Therefore, they can experience the health benefits without the digestive problems that regular dairy products can cause. Please note that this is certainly not the case for all people.

Buttermilk May Be Gut-friendly

The added lactic acid bacteria can positively affect intestinal flora and bowel movements. Are you troubled by this reason and take buttermilk or other products containing lactobacillus? Then find out if you are taking enough fiber and enough water. It may also help to improve your intestinal health.

Buttermilk Contains a Lot of Calcium

Dairy products contain a lot of calcium, which is also true for buttermilk. Buttermilk is good for your health because of its high calcium content. Calcium plays a vital role in our body. For instance, it helps to strengthen our bones, teeth, muscles, and nerves.

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Why Is Buttermilk Unhealthy?

Of course, there are aspects of buttermilk that make it unhealthy. Below is a detailed explanation of what may be considered unhealthy about buttermilk.

Amount of Sugar

If you are trying to reduce your daily sugar intake, it may be best not to drink too much buttermilk. The lactose in buttermilk is undoubtedly not unhealthy, but it is (milk) sugar. So, for example, before drinking several glasses of buttermilk a day, keep this in mind: 250ml of buttermilk can quickly add up to 9g of sugar, which can add up to your total sugar intake.

Some People Have Trouble Digesting It

Although buttermilk is suitable for lactose intolerant people, many people have trouble digesting it. For example, this can lead to intestinal problems, so it is wise to avoid and possibly replace the product. You can then consider milk substitutes.

So, Is Buttermilk Good for Your Health?

Ultimately, we can conclude that buttermilk is good for your health. It is a product compatible with almost any type of diet and has many good properties. High in protein, vitamins, and minerals, buttermilk can be considered healthy. The taste is not for everyone, so the main question is whether or not you want to drink it.

Don’t like it much, but want to consume it? Why not try using buttermilk instead of regular milk when cooking? For example, try making delicious buttermilk pancakes and taste the difference from regular milk!

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