Swimming Goggles: A Must-Have Item For This Summer

Looking at life through a child’s eyes is magical; everything is electrifying and new. The truth is that we would all be much happier if we did it more often. But we can’t forget that with time, our eyes become more sensitive and should be protected! Now that summer is on the way, it’s no secret that the little ones would want to spend the whole day in the pool, whether it’s to play, do some sports or fight the heat. Pools are indeed the perfect tool to keep children distracted – which is a relief for both the little ones and parents! However, apart from the distraction part, it’s equally important to care for our children’s eyes from an early age, even when they’re swimming. Wearing swim goggles prevents chemicals, bacteria, and other debris from entering the eye and causing irritation or infection. With the arrival of the heat, swimming goggles are an absolute must-have item as they have significant benefits. Let’s check them out!

Protection Against Chlorine, Residues and UVA Rays

3 Benefits Of Wearing Swimming Goggles - Jesmond Pool

All public pools try to stay clean with specific levels of chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria. Chlorine is only an effective disinfectant when the pH is within the ideal range. Unfortunately, the perfect pH range is minimal and difficult to control in swimming pools. If the pH is too high, the chlorine will not be an effective disinfectant, and if the pH is too low, the pipes will be damaged. With pH levels challenging to maintain in large public pools, children are more likely to experience redness and irritation in their eyes directly exposed to chemicals.

Goggles are the perfect solution to avoid these discomforts (redness, itching and pain in the eyes) during each pool session. Swimming goggles prevent harmful chemicals from entering the eyes and protect them from any other agents (such as insects and leaves) that can infiltrate the eyes. There are also glasses with protection against UVA rays that fall into the water, although it does not seem like it. Sun can cause a whole lot of damage to your eyes, so it is an excellent idea to get a pair of protective swimming goggles. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!  

Medical Reasons

There are other reasons why your child may need swim goggles, not just for protection but because of a medical condition. For example, there are prescription glasses that, in high graduations, are an essential tool for the child to swim safely and comfortably. It is necessary to ensure that you wear the glasses correctly to ensure their effectiveness.

How to Find the Right Pair of Swimming Goggles?

How to find the perfect swim goggle for triathlon – HUUB Design

Finding that perfect pair of glasses with the right fit can take some time and a few trials; it’s best to seek advice from a specialty store.

  • Baby (2 to 6 years)

When choosing glasses, comfort and good sealing are top priorities for very young children, as they will feel very uncomfortable in the water if water gets into their goggles.

  • Junior (6 to 14 years)

The junior range of children’s glasses usually includes brightly coloured and fun models and is sometimes designed with a slight adjustment that can accommodate some adults with smaller faces. Those that are mask type provide a good seal to prevent water from seeping in and guarantee a large field of vision that allows children to see everything clearly. Don’t forget how vital sight is! Keep your children’s eyes healthy and protected by wearing the perfect swimming or diving goggles while they learn to swim.

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