Everything You Should Know About Toxins

Toxins are dangerous and harmful particles produced by cells, whether they are plants, animals, or bacteria. In our case, they may have been manufactured by the organism or come from outside.

Where Are Toxins Present?

Toxins are present in:
• The air we breathe.
• The drugs.
• The cosmetic products we use daily.
• Preservatives and chemical additives.
• Tobacco and alcohol
• Food processed industrially or treated with chemical compounds.

How Do They Affect Our Body?
The problem occurs when we accumulate a large amount of toxins in our body. This, without realizing it, cause unnecessary stress inside our cells that makes them work halfway through the gas and that’s when we notice this lack of energy that we always complain about without knowing the exact reason for its appearance. Therefore, we must avoid as much as possible the situations that cause us continuous stress in order not to develop what is called “oxidative stress” which increases the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

Heavy digestion produces a large amount of waste in our body after the digestion process. We absorb the nutrients once they have passed into the bloodstream, but for this we need our digestive system to be free of residues and so we can make the passage of nutrients into the blood as easy as possible, keeping the capillaries as clean as possible.

Signs You Have Too Much Toxins in Your Body

Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can indicate excess of toxins, either because bacteria in the mouth cause it or because the liver and colon have problems eliminating toxins.

Sensitivity to Odors
If you discover that you react to smells like perfumes or pollution. The liver could also present problems if you perceive that you are more sensitive than normal to environmental odors. In addition, this discomfort can also cause headaches or even nausea.

The longer contact time of the stool with the intestinal mucous membrane stimulates bacterial growth and toxins production, facilitating their entry, through the blood, into the rest of the body. This confirms the hypothesis of auto-intoxication.

Excess Weight
There are several reasons for being overweight, including excess toxins which, like fat, make burning more difficult.

Here Are a Few Tips to Try to Keep Toxins in Your Body to a Minimum and Enjoy Better Health:
– Always try to eat food that is as natural as possible, fruits, legumes, vegetables, etc., avoid as much as possible eating food prepared with any source of heat, if you do, try to use a pressure cooker with a minimum of water for its preparation.
– Drink water before and during meals, it is not good to do so once you have finished because water changes the PH of your digestion process which causes a greater expenditure of energy in this process, wait at least 1 hour after consuming the food to drink water.
– Eliminate any food product resulting from an industrial process because by containing chemicals, they reduce the functions of your liver preventing the elimination of toxins, light products, some packaged or canned goods, cookies and bread.
– Practise a physical activity that allows you to sweat; this makes you eliminate toxins through sweat, before, during and after doing so, drink water, remember good personal hygiene, this helps to keep the pores of the skin clean to allow them to escape toxins.
– Avoid smoking, it is one of the enemies of your health, because breathing tobacco smoke increases the level of toxins to your body, as well as free radicals that cause premature ageing.

Foods That Will Help You Flush Out Toxins
Green tea
Leafy greens

Brown rice

Do you have any other tips to deal with toxins in your body? Remember to share them with us in the comments below!

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