Should I Go for a Foot Massage

Foot massage, impregnated with foot reflexology, gives access to all organs and promotes pain relief and the evacuation of all forms of tension. Just like muscle massage, abdominal massage, facial massage, head massage, hair massage, hand massage, back massage, full body massage, relaxation massage, foot massage has incredible virtues.

The feet are part of the body that supports all the weight load. They are often subjected to daily aggression and require special care. Foot massage offers the lower limbs a moment of relaxation after prolonged standing, being overweight or wearing shoes permanently preventing them from breathing.

A good foot massage thus makes it possible to restore the balance of the body and to remedy the various dysfunctions that it is not always natural to think of.

Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage allows you to:

– Stimulate the nerves thanks to the nerve endings present in the feet.

– Act on the different organs of the body because the foot is a mini mapping of the body.

– Stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

– Balance vital functions.

– Relieve stress and relax muscles.

– Remove impurities.

– Enjoy a more balanced and restorative sleep.

A foot massage can be performed by a reflexology masseur, a massage therapist or simply by a partner. However, a few gestures must be acquired for a successful foot massage. It is therefore essential to:

Steps to Follow for Foot Massage

– Put the massaged person at ease so that he can enjoy the care provided in serenity.

– Use a massage oil for a perfect hand slip.

– Massage from top to bottom, starting with the toes.

– Descend gently downward to stimulate the organs in the chest.

– Work the plantar part with the back or palm.

– Rub the ankles in a circular motion.

– Finish on top of the feet with back and forth movements, stronger when ascending and lighter when descending.

– Continue and finish up to the legs.

Precautions to Take for Foot Massage

Foot massage should be performed on a healthy person. It is advisable to provide as much information as possible to your masseur before receiving the massage. The existence of specific diseases, heart disease or diabetes, must be reported.

During pregnancy, it is better to refrain from this type of massage without your doctor’s advice.

Sensitive Points of Foot Massage

Some strategic points deserve to be solicited during a foot massage:

– Toes: nerve endings.

– The point of the heart: on the left foot.

– The point of the liver and stomach located in the right foot.

– The plantar: the part that contains the points of the intestine and the organs of the peritoneum.

– Ankles: representing the reproductive organs.

Foot Massage: Contraindications

A person with diabetes should be particularly careful when massaging the feet, as the movements applied may result in a change in insulin production by the pancreas.

It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to undergo reflexology treatment during the first three months of pregnancy.

Patients with heart problems should also be treated with extreme caution to avoid over-stimulation of the heart.

Hope this post helps you make up your mind. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

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