Smart Drugs

What are smart drugs?
It would be nice if you could take a pill and get a mental tune-up when you are feeling a bit dull. Researchers have been studying cognitive enhancers or smart drugs that may improve mental abilities. Cognitive enhancement could mean improvement of memory, attention, concentration, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making and planning.

What are cognitive enhancers?
Cognitive enhancers are meant to treat patients with mental and neurological disorders, but their uses are being diverted to enhance the mental abilities of normal and healthy people. Many companies are trying to sell smart supplements containing smart chemicals but there is no evidence to show that mental boosters really do the trick. Researches and results are not trustworthy because different companies came out with different positive or no effect on memory and learning. Some companies simply advertise their boosters for the sake of fooling people in order to sell their products.

How might these substances work with a mental patient?
Smart drugs may increase brain metabolism, increase cerebral circulation and
protect the brain from physical and chemical damage.

Possible effects of these substances on mental patients
Mentally affected people may notice increased mental energy, increased alertness, improved memory and improved learning ability.

7 popular examples of specific cognitive enhancers
1. Hydergine is a smart drug that dilates the blood vessels of the brain.
2. Piracetam improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain which improves awareness and memory.
3. Aniracetam is used to enhance brain function. It is available as a prescribed drug in Europe, but so far it is unregulated in the United States.
4. BMY-21502/Bms-181168 has been identified as a potential cognitive enhancer.
5. Minaprine is an effective antidepressant in the treatment of depression.
6. Oxiracetam is a safe substance for use for a long period of time. However, it takes longer to start any effect on your state of mind, taking about 30-90 minutes.
7. Pramiracetam is prescribed for memory and attention deficits in aging people.

The placebo effect
It could be that these supplements or medicines have a placebo effect in tricking your mind to think that you are going to be smarter after taking the pills. And, you start doing things and behaving in a better way.

Pop in a pill and become Einstein! Sounds great, huh..?
Some supplements are indicated in particular during exam preparation. Check out this link, take a look at Lecitone Genius. If you happen to become a genius, kindly drop your comments below and share your experience with us – what is the trick and how it works!

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