Is eating Raw Food right for you?

You have tried so many skin glowing creams and lotions and you still haven’t been able to get the expected results. You have tried to reduce weight with so many supplements available on the market, but in vain. It’s time for you to change your eating habits. What about eating raw food?

First things first
Start by cleansing your guts – when you don’t have to digest food, you can begin by flushing out toxins. You will have to consume fresh lemonade which will flush toxins and repair damaged cells. Doing a cleanse will burn off the old fat cells and flush out the stored toxins. This will at the same time help you reduce weight. Many simple videos are available out there on youtube, which you can try.

Capitalize on the enzymes produced from chewing raw foods
Raw food diet is comprised of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Raw foods contain digestive enzymes and co-factors which facilitates the absorption of nutrients from your food quicker and higher up in the gastric part. This is essential as the pancreas is relieved of its normal duty to manufacture these enzymes. If you rely solely on the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes, ingested food would have to sit for a longer time in the stomach and intestines while waiting for the enzymes to start doing their work. This extensive wait would result in the stomach creating more acid and you would risk suffering from gastric acid. Hence, when you start chewing your raw food, you flood your body with living enzymes, which reduces the stress of the pancreas by letting it produce enzymes for other metabolic functions.

The goodness of eating raw foods
You will notice a more pleasant fullness after meals (as compared to the painful feeling after overeating), increased energy level, quicker emptying of the stomach, less gas, and better bowel habits. Over and above all, you will shed pounds quickly and most food allergies will dissipate (food allergies are usually the result of an inability to manufacture the enzymes needed to absorb foods). In this way, your stomach will bear less stress, which in turn will slow down the aging process and make you feel and look younger!

Incorporate raw foods into your daily life
You should make it a habit to eat raw veggies with every meal. At least 50% of your meal should consist of raw food. If you like a fruit-based smoothie, throw a handful of spinach in the blender, make it green. Also, explore the various raw food snacking options available at most Whole Food Markets – you’ll be amazed at how flavorful and satisfying these foods can be!

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