Fitness Area: 5 Exercises To Be On Top In Summer

Weight loss, preparation, and keeping in shape are all reasons that can motivate you to do some exercises. What should you do in summer to be on top? Here is a selection of 5 sessions that will help you.

A plank to sheathe your body


It is an exercise that allows you to sheath your whole body against love handles in order to have a flat stomach and to be on top. It also allows you to work the entire abdominal belt. To do this, you have to lie on your stomach, leaning on your forearms. Next, you must inhale, contract your abs and lift your body up on the front of your feet (on your bent toes).

During this fitness exercise, you must breathe and maintain your posture for as long as possible, keeping your back straight. Come back to your initial position and take a pose for 30 seconds. For more efficiency, repeat this exercise 3 times. Feel free to join a gym for more assistance.

The slot in music

It is a well-known fitness exercise because it is very effective and allows you to be on top. Indeed, you must stand upright, one leg behind and the other in front. Make a descent as if you want to touch the ground with the back knee, and this spreads your legs sufficiently. Your back knee should stay over your foot, and your back thigh should be vertical.

As for your hands, they should be on the waist. Come down (inhaling) and push your heels as you come back up (exhaling). In the lunge, your front knee should not go past your toes. It should stay bent just above. So you protect it. Keep your feet slightly apart laterally to maintain balance. If you feel pain, put your hands on the knee. Note that you must repeat this exercise 5 times in a series of 10 movements.

The bridge

This yoga posture works the thighs and strengthens the buttocks. To do this, you must lie on your back and bend your legs. The feet should be flat on the floor, and arms extended along your body. Head on the ground, shoulders relaxed, you must take a deep breath and lift your pelvis while inhaling. In this last position, contract the glutes for a few seconds. Return to your starting position and start from the upper back. This exercise is to be done 3 times in a series of 10 movements.


As you can hear, this exercise helps slim the waistline and flat stomach and targets the large and small oblique muscles. Stay lying on your back; legs bent, feet straight on the left knee, right hand behind the neck, left hand towards the right knee, taking off the shoulders. Do the same 10 times on each side. You will be using your abs, and your neck should be relaxed.

The kick-up

The kick-up allows you to strengthen all the buttocks and stomach muscles. By putting yourself on all fours, hands, and knees on the ground, you must exhale and lift one of your legs without moving the pelvis. Your abs should be tight. Indeed, the lifted leg must remain stretched at the same height as your buttocks. Exhale and bend your knee at a right angle, point of flex, while remaining sheathed at the same level as your abs. Switch legs and repeat the same. Look down, keeping your lower back straight. This exercise is to be repeated 4 times in a series of 20 movements.

Final thought


In short, remember that there are several fitness exercises that you can practice in summer in order to be on top. However, you have to adapt to a rhythm. So you will get the desired result. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about exercises.

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