Why Is Organic Better for Your Health?

More and more encouraged by the politicians, organic farming has known an astonishing success for a few years. Many defend the products resulting from this type of agriculture in terms of benefits for human health. But why so much craze for organic products? It is time to have a clear idea!

What Is Organic?

Before exposing the numerous benefits of organic for human health, let’s first explain what it is. Indeed, by organic agriculture, we mean agriculture in clear opposition to the so-called conventional agriculture. It is an agriculture that proscribes the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or even genetically modified organisms (GMO) in production cycles.

Thus, carried nowadays by several merchants, bio is a form of agriculture concerned with soil conservation and advocates the development of local products. But the question remains, how is this agriculture better for your health?

The Health Benefits of Organic Farming

From the various scientific studies that have been done on organic products, it appears that they have enormous advantages. These include

– the essential nutritional contribution ;

– the reduction of the risk of obesity and

– reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Important nutritional contribution

It is a significant asset that makes organic food the preferred choice. In fact, organic food contains more nutrients than conventionally grown products.

An exceptional study carried out for this purpose proves it. Organic foods are free of synthetic pesticide residues, but above all, they have a high content of micronutrients that are essential for health. For this reason, if you don’t eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, we recommend choosing organic foods.

Reduces the Risk of Obesity

Obesity is a disease that affects tens of millions of people throughout Europe and France. Obesity is the consequence of an abusive consumption of food that is too rich in calories. According to several researchers, the consumption of products from organic agriculture would reduce the risk of obesity by 31%.

This is easily explained by the fact that organic products induce healthy eating habits in consumers and consequently moderate protein needs. They eat more fruits and vegetables. Moreover, rich in essential micronutrients, organic food helps to transform the calories responsible for being overweight.

Decrease of the Risks of Chronic Diseases

In addition to the risk of obesity, which can be considerably reduced, “eating organic” also helps prevent other diseases. Indeed, rich in protective fatty acids and omega-3, organic products contribute to the reduction of several chronic diseases. These include cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The same is true for Parkinson’s disease, a disease linked to pesticide exposure that affects farmers.

Other Health Benefits of Organic Food

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there is another health benefit of organic products. It is the reduction of the risk of cancer. Indeed, no one is unaware that cancer is one of the mortality factors in the world. So to curb it, nothing better than regular consumption of organic products.

According to a French study published in 2018, organic products reduce the risk of cancer by 25%. According to the results of this study, organic products reduce breast cancer by at least 34% and lymphoma by at least 75%.

In light of the above, organic food guarantees robust and perennial health. If you are not yet a consumer, now is the time to start.

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