Soup Recipes to Combat Cold

Half the world seems to be sick on the couch—a cold, a sore throat, and a very annoying cough, not fun at all. One of the best remedies is to eat lots of vegetables, which is easiest done by enjoying a big bowl of soup.  Moreover, with the right ingredients, soups can be the perfect source of vitamins and minerals your body requires to recover.

Since your mind probably isn’t on cooking at all, we’ve found recipes that will be ready in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the sofa with homemade soup!

1) Garlic, Millet, and Seaweed Soup

Not only does this soup tastes delicious, but it also provides a potent medicinal effect. Garlic is a natural antioxidant that reinforces the immune system. Millet, on the other hand, is the only cereal that neutralizes the body’s natural acidity. This cereal is easily digestible and helps counteract the acidic effects that affect the body during sickness. It is rich in minerals which can help alleviate the tiredness associated with colds. Some of the types of seaweed you can choose from include: nori, wakame, and sea mushrooms.

-Fry three cloves of garlic in vegetable oil.

-Add two cups of vegetable stock.

-Two tablespoons of millet and your choice of seaweed.

-Leave to simmer for 45 minutes.

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2) Soup With Egg and Thyme

This is a traditional Catalan recipe and an ancient remedy. In Catalonia, the soup is accompanied by beef stew, bread, and cheese. However, we won’t be using all the ingredients, as the soup must be easily digestible. Thyme is an excellent herb and adds a delicious flavor to any dish. During colds, thyme helps boost the body’s defenses, repel bacteria and alleviate coughing.

-Fry one clove of garlic and half an onion (chopped) in a bit of vegetable oil.

-Add a few vegetables of your choice (cabbage, turnips, carrots, etc.).

-Then add two cups of vegetable stock and a few sprigs of fresh or dried thyme.

Once all the ingredients are cooked, you can add the raw egg if you wish and stir until the egg breaks down. This makes the soup more filling and can be highly beneficial when your body is weak from a cold but can still take a slightly heavier meal. It is a fragrant and comforting soup. When you feel a little better, you can savor it with toasted bread and cheese.

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3) Onion Soup

Onion soup is a true classic. It’s commonly served in restaurants, but we’ll be sharing with you a recipe that’s easily digestible and eliminates excess mucus and toxins.

-Fry the onions in a bit of vegetable oil and add a pinch of salt.

-Then, put a lid on the pan to allow moisture to escape from the onions.

-Stir the soup a little to make it creamy.

-Eat it while still warm.

You can even add a pinch of cayenne pepper. In small amounts, it warms the body and breaks down, and destroys excess mucus. If you have flu, you can also try putting half an onion on your bedside table to sleep. You should notice a big difference the following day.

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4) Soup With Celery, Carrots, and Ginger

All three of these ingredients can lower your fever and remove toxins from your body. Soup is also a perfect body warmer if you suffer from chills.

-Cut celery and carrot into small pieces and boil them in one and a half cups of water with a pinch of salt.

-Then add two slices of fresh ginger or half a teaspoon of ground ginger.

-It is a light soup that you can drink all day long. If you want it a little richer, you can add wholemeal rice or oatmeal.

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With these easy recipes, you can now make your own tasty and healthy soups to fight the flu and common symptoms such as fever, mucus secretion, fatigue, weakness, etc.!


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