Erogenous Zones You Might Not Have Known About

You’ve probably heard of the term, but how much do you actually know about erogenous zones? In this article, we will look at a clinical definition of erogenous zones, and also reveal some that might actually surprise you.

First off, what are erogenous zones? To put it simply, erogenous zones are parts of the body that excite sexual feelings when touched or stimulated. They may be genital or extra-genital (breasts, lips and buttocks for instance). Research has shown that extra-genital erogenous zone stimulation during foreplay is important for women to reach orgasm.

One thing to remember is that everyone has erogenous zones. However, we are all wired differently, so what might cause one person to feel all tingly and turned on might not have the same effect on the next person. That being said, you have more hot spots that you might imagine.

Ladies and gentlemen, erogenous zones are not all about the nips, nubs and slits. When it comes to getting your partner in the mood to get frisky, here are some overlooked zones that can yield surprisingly pleasant results.


The scalp is full of nerve endings, and even the slightest brush of the hair can send tingles through your partner’s body. To amp up the pleasure, run your fingernails lightly over the scalp, paying special attention to the space behind the ears and just above the neck. Don’t forget about the hair. Gentle tugging can send waves of pleasure through the body.


With sensitive skin on the outside and hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside, the ears top the list of erogenous zones for many people. For some sexy aural action that’s sure to please, try lightly kissing, licking or nibbling your partner’s earlobes. You can also take advantage of those sensory receptors by whispering or lightly blowing into their ear for more tingly feels.

Navel and lower stomach

Being dangerously close to the genitals makes this area especially arousing. Use your tongue, fingertips, or even a feather to trace circles around the navel and tease your way down and all around the stomach. Playing solo? Try caressing the area to see if it gets you in the mood.

Small of the back (sacrum)

It could have something to do with the fact that the nerves in this portion of the spine are connected to the pelvis or the vulnerability factor of being touched from behind that makes this area so sensitive. Whatever it is, the slightest touch here can evoke pleasure. Tickle the area with a feather or your lips and tongue.

Inner wrist

Home of the pulse point and not used to getting a lot of action, the inner wrist is highly sensitive. Caress the skin with your fingertips while looking at your partner suggestively from across the table, or anywhere else for that matter, when trying to set the mood. Already in the throes of passion? Try intertwining your fingers with theirs and graze the skin on their inner wrists with your lips and tip of your tongue.

Behind the knee

This is another often neglected area that’s incredibly sensitive to any kind of touch. It’s even ticklish for some. Give the area some special attention during a massage, or use your mouth and tongue there before working your way up or down the leg.

The Bottom Line

Our bodies are filled with sexually charged areas just waiting to be explored. Taking the time to learn which spots do it for you and your partner can lead to a more fulfilling sexual life for both of you. So, were you surprised by any of the areas on this list? Do you feel like giving them a try next time you’re feeling frisky? Let us know in the comments below.

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