7 Signs Indicating a Chronic Inflammation in the Body

Inflammation is a natural survival mechanism that usually indicates that your body is fighting a disease or repairing damaged tissues. If inflammation continues for an extended period, it can indicate an underlying problem. This will then be considered as a chronic inflammation that may arise from lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor eating habits, lack of sleep, stress, extra abdominal fat, or toxins from cigarette smoke and other types of pollution. For instance, numerous serious diseases can result from chronic inflammation, including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Here are some signs indicating that you may be suffering from chronic inflammation:

1) Digestive Problems

Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation are common symptoms resulting from sick and inflamed intestines, the primary cause of chronic inflammation.

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2) Anxiety and Depression

Chronic inflammation can also be a cause of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Inflamed tissues and organs affect the brain’s chemistry and triggers changes in our thoughts, moods and emotions. Treatments that help manage depression, such as psychotherapy and exercise, can help lower the inflammatory level.

3) Overweight Around the Belly

Have you got a swollen abdomen, that awkward expansion that stops you from being comfortable in your clothes? This swelling is undoubtedly a symptom of chronic inflammation. This is because fat cells in the abdomen release inflammatory chemicals. Consequently, the more fat is gathered around the belly, the more inflammation it produces.

4) Allergies and Skin Problems

If you have allergies, frequent cold symptoms, swollen eyes, puffy face and skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema, and unexplained redness, these are the sure external signs of internal inflammation.

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5) Aches and Pain

Do you experience recurring pain? Chronic pain is a significant sign of inflammation. If you don’t feel any pain, but it hurts when you make specific movements such as turning your shoulders or touching your toes, this problem may be related to inflammation. Such pain can also be a symptom of a kind of arthritis, one of the biggest causes of inflammation and pain in the body. Please do not hesitate to report it to a doctor, since it shouldn’t be a problem that you have to face.

6) Swollen Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes are mainly found in the neck, near the groin area and under the armpits. These can swell as soon as something goes wrong in the body. If you have a cold or sore throat, for instance, you’ll often notice enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. This is a good indication as it shows that the immune system recognizes and is fighting the problem. Once the body fights off the infection, the lymph nodes will go back to their normal size. In cases where lymph nodes remain swollen, this may designate a chronic inflammation or other underlying health issues. It is, therefore, imperative to visit a doctor

7) Migraine

If you experience headaches, the pain can be reduced with a few small changes such as eliminating cigarettes, alcohol consumption and stress. However, people with migraines may be affected by what is known as neurogenic inflammation. This may be common in those noticing new migraines/headaches or observing changes in their usual migraines and headaches. Let your doctor know if you perceive such signs. They will be able to determine whether the cause is inflammation and help get back to your usual self.

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Chronic inflammation that is left untreated can easily take a toll on an individual’s life and cause complex health issues. If you detect any of the symptoms mentioned above, consult your doctor as soon as you can!

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