Tips to Have Lynx Eyesight

Even if you don’t wear glasses yet, touch wood! With the advent of screens, the eyes are subjected to intense strain throughout the day, and eyesight can deteriorate quickly. Some healthy foods and habits can keep your eyes in perfect condition for a long time and give you the ability to see as clearly as through the eyes of a lynx (a rare and unique wild cat having very keen vision).

Zucchini for Suppleness… Collagen

As we age, we are not all equal in the face of degenerative vision. This results in either minor or serious vision problems that can lead to blindness.
Usually, eye experts recommend a diet rich in bioflavonoids to reduce these effects.

Bio-flavonoids and vitamin C facilitate the metabolism of collagen, a protein that is very abundant in the eye.

Rutin or proanthocyanidins are bio-flavonoids that significantly improve the quality of collagen, and then strengthen eye tissues by making them more supple and resistant.

Zucchini is a rutin-rich vegetable, just like garlic and almond.

Good to know: carotenoids are also antioxidants found in courgettes. These would prevent the development of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Essential Oils for a Better Concentration… of the Eyes

Some plants administered in the form of essential oils improve concentration, vision accuracy and even better vision when light intensity decreases.

Indeed, research shows that these oils are able to stimulate the beta waves of the brain, responsible for awakening and concentration. When the brain functions better, vision is more acute, especially when the darkness sets in.

Below is a list of essential oils capable of improving vision:

– jasmine;
– peppermint;
– vanilla.

Less Air Conditioning for Eye Dryness

Air conditioning has harmful effects on the eyes. Indeed, by its tendency to dry out the ambient air, it considerably reduces the moisture content of organic fabrics as well. An eye that is too dry can severely damage the cornea and lead to early blindness if left untreated.

Tips to Fight Against the Harmful Effects of Air Conditioning:

– At the hotel: do not stay under the aircon vents.
– At work: cool the room before you move in.
– In your car: direct the air away from your face. You can even wear glasses to protect yourself.

Spinach for the Cones and Rods

Popeye doesn’t wear glasses! And for good reason: he likes eating spinach.
These green vegetables contain vitamin A, which is essential for proper vision:

– It allows the cones and rods, the cells of the retina, to function properly.
– In this way, the eyes can adapt well to darkness while being also properly irrigated, which protects it from dryness and cataracts due to age.

Spinach also contains lutein, an antioxidant that helps maintain the macula, a small area at the bottom of the retina near the optic nerve. Some foods containing lutein are corn (canned), cabbage, and broccoli.

A Well Adjusted Screen Height

Ergonomics experts remain formal at this point: in the office, it is essential to keep your screen at eye level.

Why Raise Your Monitor?

– To reduce the drying of the eye;
– To avoid spinal pain.

Fish for Irrigation…. for the Eye

Fish eaten at least twice a week are friends of your eyes. Rich in omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fish contributes to the proper functioning of nerve cells and membranes of the retina by promoting the hydration of the eye.

Good to know: also use oils rich in omega 3 such as walnut, rapeseed, linseed oil, etc.

You will also find Omega 3 in poultry (quail) and nuts.

Glasses and Cap Against Aging… Mirettes

Real protective sunglasses, as well as a wide-brimmed hat or a long-visor cap, can protect your eyes.

Why Protect Your Eyes When You Go Out?

– UV rays promote the production of free radicals responsible for cellular and therefore ocular ageing.
– You further need to protect your eyes to avoid damaged cells that cause cataracts and accelerate the degeneration of the eyes.

Anthocyanin for a Sharp… View

Anthocyanin is an antioxidant pigment and therefore prevents the oxidation of free radicals that damage our cells. In concrete terms, by strengthening cell tissues, anthocyanins strengthen visual acuity and improve our vision in the dark.

This pigment is present in fruits and vegetables ranging from red to blue:

– the blueberry;
– the grape (red);
– the cranberry;
– beet, etc.

Whether or not you wear glasses, it is advisable to have your eyesight checked regularly once a year by an optometrist like VALLEY VISION in Eltham. They can perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe and dispense corrective lenses, and detect certain eye abnormalities.

Nowadays, it is becoming easier and simpler to perform this consultation and to be reimbursed by your health insurance company.

Why Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly?

– to quickly correct a slight decrease in vision and prevent it from getting worse;
– to adjust a correction (sometimes the view changes from one year to the next depending on lifestyle and habits, whether working on screen or not, etc.).

Hope the above tips help your eyes to remain in good health, but if you suspect any discomfort like blurry visions or severe eye pain, do not hesitate to visit VALLEY VISION.

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