Chiropractic, What For?

Back pain or migraine headaches can destabilize our entire body. In addition, these illnesses often lead to others: fatigue, memory and concentration disorders in particular.

If several treatments have not been successful in relieving the discomfort, chiropractic, an alternative medicine, can be used to study the person as a whole and identify the different imbalances in the body.

Chiropractic, in Brief

Chiropractic comes from Greek:

kheir: which means hand;

praxis: which means to do.

It is a manual therapeutic technique, practised by a specialist called a chiropractor, covering 3 areas:

  • the muscles;
  • the joints;
  • the vertebrae.

Chiropractic was born in 1895 with the work of David Palmer and his son Bartlett who founded the first school in North America to train chiropractors.

Chiropractors focus their treatment on the spine as it protects the spinal cord.

Thus, in chiropractic, it is considered that a vertebral blockage, tension or misalignment will have an impact on the nervous system.

This disruption in communication between the brain and the rest of the body can lead to many different and varied health problems.

These mechanical problems are called “vertebral subluxations” in chiropractic.

Spinal subluxations can have a negative impact on one or more joints; to this end, the chiropractor may sometimes ask the patient to provide one or more x-rays.

The Course of a Chiropractic Session

The number of sessions will be specified by the practitioner as soon as he has conducted his first interview with the patient and as the case may be.

The first session lasts about 1 hour. It is oriented as follows:

contact and preliminary discussion on the patient’s habits and lifestyle;

neurological and orthopaedic examination. Eventually, the practitioner will study the radiographs provided by the patient.

The following sessions are variable in duration but are generally shorter (about 30 to 40 minutes of handling care). The chiropractor operates, as the sessions progress, according to two axes of work:

  • correction work,
  • stabilization work.

The cost of a session varies from one practitioner to another. It is necessary to count between $55 and $80 per session.

Chiropractic, What For?

The scope of chiropractic is quite broad. This technique allow to treat:

  • problems affecting the vertebrae and spine:

– kyphosis;

– lordosis;

– scoliosis;

  • problems related to cervical problems:

– migraines;

– joint and mandibular disorders;

– arthrosis problems;

  • problems related to nerves (e.g. sciatica).

This short post has provided you with a basic understanding of what chiropractic is about. If you need to see a good chiropractor in Melton, MELTON CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE specialises in Chiropractic care, Soft Tissue Therapy, Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, Activator Method among others.

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