Top 4 Benefits Of Guava Leaves

The daily bath is a necessary but insufficient condition to ensure the complete hygiene of the human body. Some organs require special attention. Among the most relevant, we can mention oral hygiene, olfactory care, and intimate hygiene. This last notion usually has a feminine connotation. Thanks to its medicinal virtues, the guava leaf presents itself as a guarantor of body balance. Here are some reasons converging the choice of the women towards this method of grandmother.

1. A natural care


The female genital organ is fragile because it is mostly internal. Therefore, it requires specific care. The sensitivity of this part of the body has a vital requirement: chemical products must be avoided. Indeed, any contact with a chemical product would cause an irritation of the external parts, then internal. This eventually leads to the damage of certain cells. This is why natural treatments are recommended.

The guava leaf has proven itself. This virtuous plant allows women to benefit from its natural virtues, thanks to easy recipes and simple instructions for use. It is an alternative without chemical additives or preservatives. The gynecological and dermatological results are amazing. Once again, Grandma confirms that nothing beats natural skin care.

2. Daily care

The genital organ has daily hygiene to respect. Guava leaf is a very effective cleanser for this purpose. Indeed, its antimicrobial essence acts gently on the intimate area. Thus, it eliminates the accumulation of the dead cells being at the origin of the female discomforts such as itchings and nauseous odors. Consequently, an intimate toilet made containing guava leaf washes and looks after at the same time.

For daily care, it is necessary to infuse five leaves of this tropical fruit in a liter of water for only 120 seconds. As soon as the solution has cooled, it is ready. The liquid will be used during intimate hygiene, without gel or soap. Here, rinsing with water is not necessary, as it allows the intimate part to keep the cleansing and healing properties of the leaves until the next toilet.

3. A preventive care

The healing power of the guava leaf is attributed to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its antioxidant character allows it to avoid any viral or bacterial propagation. Then, its antibacterial virtue attributes him a protective role in preventing the possible infections and damage of the sensitive cells of the intimate zone. Thanks to these protective properties, it is incontestable to affirm that an intimate toilet containing guava leaves secures the intimate part.

In order to benefit from this preventive care, it is advised for the women to choose the leaf of guava as companion for each intimate toilet. The mode of use is the same one as indicated previously. For optimal protection, the toilet must be done each morning with the alarm clock and the evening before lying down.

4. A care of circumstance


The most frequent genital diseases are vaginal mycosis and excessive vaginal discharge. Whatever the case, the guava leaf is an effective remedy that has proven itself. It acts actively against impurities, neutralizes the genital pH, treats itching or burning, and eliminates discomfort due to vaginal odors. For this purpose, it is necessary to boil a preparation composed of one liter of water and a dozen guava leaves for 20 minutes.

A healthy diet and a one-week course of treatment are necessary for the basic treatment of the disease. For this, it is necessary to use the solution for an intimate toilet, without rinsing with water, twice in one day. Ideally, a sitz bath with at least 10 liters of the same solution should be performed.

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