Tips for Protecting Your Eyes on Hot Days

It is essential to protect the eyes from the scorching sun, pollen, and glare from the water on any summer day. This is important because the sun’s rays can do a lot of damage to your eyes.

Of course, we believe that eyesight is crucial, but the hotter and sunnier the weather, the drier the air, and the brighter the light. So in the summer, please take steps to keep your eyes healthy. Here are some tips to help you out!

Why Do I Have Dry Eyes in the Summer?

It’s hot outside, the air conditioner is on the inside, and as soon as you get in the car, you open the windows to cool off. But it is precisely the air conditioning, the sun, and the wind that cause our eyes to dry out. When tears evaporate too quickly, the eyes feel uncomfortable, red, and tired. Because they are dry, they need to blink and tear constantly. Therefore, keep the air conditioner on as little as possible on hot days and close the curtains during the day’s hottest hours. When outdoors, such as when you are cycling, swimming, or driving, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light, dry air, and wind.

What Can I Do Against Allergies and Pollen?

On hot summer days, you may see pollen and dust floating in the air everywhere. Can this dust and pollen get into your eyes? Although very romantic in appearance, it is not very pleasant for allergy sufferers. Try not to rub your eyes, as this will increase the itchiness. Instead, just rinse your eyes with water and always wear sunglasses when cycling, walking, or working in the garden to keep dust and pollen out of your eyes.

Are Ultraviolet Rays Harmful to the Eyes?

It’s raining sunlight, that’s good. Not really, because dermatologists have been teaching that UV rays have disadvantages for years. And all the sun’s rays that fall on your face also fall on your eyes. Unprotected eyes can be damaged by strong sunlight just like the skin. The solution is simple and fashionable. Always wear sunglasses with good UVA and UVB filters during the day. Ensure the frames fit well and that UVB rays do not enter the eyes through the top.

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How Can I Notice Sunburn Around My Eyes?

If your eyes have been overexposed to UV rays, you will only notice the damage years later. The sun accelerates the aging process and can cause retinal damage and cataracts, which are irreversible eye diseases. This is why sunglasses are not a luxury but a necessity.

Even when it is cloudy, ultraviolet rays can still reach the eyes. So, wear sunglasses even if it is partly cloudy. Water also reflects sunlight. So, your eyes are doubly damaged on the beach or a boat, as is your skin. Special sports glasses are available for sailors and surfers. Do you travel or spend a lot of time on the water? Consider sunglasses with polarized lenses. They protect your eyes from the glare caused by sunlight reflecting off the water (or snow) surface.

Can Sunlight Cause Direct Damage To The Eyes?

Sometimes, sunlight can burn the cornea, which can be very painful! The eye becomes moist and hot, which leads to blurred vision and intolerance of light. The burned cornea recovers with rest and sleep, but in the long term, it damages the eye. So, when the sun is intense, wear sunglasses and a hat or cap.

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Do you have any other tips when it comes to protecting the eyes? Share it with us in the comments below!

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