The Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Have you ever donated blood? By donating blood, you can save up to three human lives every-time. Not only is donating blood very beneficial to those receiving it, but it also has proven benefits for the one donating blood.

The joy of saving lives

Sometimes doctors and medication alone cannot save a life. When you donate blood, you get this wonderful feeling of being able to help doctors to save a human life. The donated blood is divided into different components according to the patient’s needs.

Free health checkup

You can donate blood only when you are fit enough. Before every blood donation process, free health checkups are performed on the donor. For example, the health checkup will inform you of any blood pressure abnormalities and help diagnose indolent diseases at their early stage before they reached an advanced stage.

Reduces the risk of cancer and hemochromatosis

Donating blood helps to lower risks of cancer by maintaining the body’s iron stores at healthy levels. Excess absorption of iron by the body is known as hemochromatosis. Hence regular blood donation helps in reducing iron overload.

Maintains a healthy liver and heart

Blood donation is also known to reduce liver and heart ailments caused by an excess of iron in the body. An iron-rich diet causes excess iron to be stored in the liver, heart and pancreas. As such, there are more risks of liver failure, heart abnormalities like irregular heart rhythms, and damage to the pancreas.

Weight loss

If an individual is obese, regular blood donation can help for weight loss. Of course, donating blood should not happen too frequently; it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid any health issues. When you donate blood, your body burns up to 650 calories per donation. While giving blood should not be an alternative to regular exercising, the calories burned might be seen as of occasional benefit by some.

Stimulates blood cell production

The body works to replenish the blood loss after donating blood. This process stimulates the production of new blood cells and, in turn, helps in maintaining good health.

Apart from the above, it is also possible to store your blood for your future needs. For this, make sure the blood is stored at the right blood bank. Since blood cannot be manufactured, the requirement of blood by patients has to be met by blood donations only. Therefore, donating blood is fulfilling your moral obligation towards society.

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