Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Are you self-conscious about your smile but you don’t want braces? Don’t worry, cosmetic dentistry has an option for you that will also benefit your oral health! Cosmetic dental procedures offer a unique treatment for people who want to dramatically improve the way their teeth look and feel.

One of the most common cosmetic treatments is dental veneers which are efficient and comfortable for any smile distresses. It is a permanent solution to several cosmetic dental problems! Dental veneers are small pieces of porcelain that are individually tailor-made for each patient. They hide all unsightly dental flaws, leaving you with the perfect smile and increase in self-esteem.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin layers of material, mostly porcelain that the dentist connects to the front of your teeth. Veneers are used only for cosmetic improvements to your teeth. They can easily cover up imperfections and discoloration leaving you more confident in the way your smile looks. There are 2 main types of Veneers, including:

Ceramic Veneers

Various types of ceramics are used to manufacture veneers. Ceramic veneers are made out of blocks of zirconium oxide. Ceramic veneers are manufactured exclusively by the laboratory method. First, the dentist prepares the tooth surface by filing it down, then take the dental mold which is sent to the dental laboratory where the permanent veneer is manufactured. Two types of ceramic veneers are Feldspathic Porcelain Veneers and Glass- Ceramic Veneers

Zirconia Based Veneers

Zirconia veneers are made by grinding the blocks of zirconium oxide. The strength of these veneers is based on the type of zirconium oxide blocks that are used.

The Process

The process of getting veneers isn’t surgical. Therefore, you won’t have to go through any kind of intensive recovery period. You will simply have to follow your normal dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing every day. However, the dentist will likely want to see you a week or two after the procedure to ensure everything still looks good. You may also need some time to get used to the feel of your new smile.

Why Choose Dental Veneer?

Dental veneers can benefit you in so many ways, notably:

Brighten your smile

The experts understand better than anyone how stained teeth can make you want to hide your smile. While teeth whitening can work for many stains, if your discoloration is due to a medication or an injury that darkened your dentin, teeth whitening may not work. With veneers, you can fix the discoloration by covering up your stained teeth with the porcelain shells to give you a radiant smile. And unlike the enamel on your teeth, veneers are nearly stain resistant, and with good care, they should stay white and bright for many years.

Fix broken or chipped teeth

Your teeth are some of the strongest bones in your body, but they’re still susceptible to cracks and chips. You may find yourself hiding from everyone if an accidental fall causes a crack or break in one of your front teeth. Rest assured, you can easily fix your damaged tooth by bonding it to a veneer.

Improve symmetry

An asymmetrical smile, whether from one tooth or the entire set, may make want to hide your smile! However, veneers can fix your misaligned tooth or change the shape of the front teeth.

Close gaps

Braces aren’t the only option when it comes to fixing gaps in your teeth. If you’re looking for a faster solution to close gaps, veneers may be the way to go, the professional can create a set of veneers to cover up gaps in your teeth and give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Restore strength

The enamel on your teeth serves as a basis of strength and protection. Unfortunately, your enamel isn’t indestructible, it can wear away from obsessive brushing or from consuming too many acidic foods. Without strong enamel, your teeth may be more prone to cavities. Veneers can serve as replacement enamel and protect your teeth from damage and decay.

The Right Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to transforming your smile, ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC offers a full menu of options. If you’re looking to brighten your teeth, repair cracks, or simply get a more aesthetically pleasing smile, you may want to consider veneers.

Before you get veneers bonded to your teeth, the dentist will consult you and discuss the options with you. He will ensure you understand the whole process and that you are completely comfortable throughout.

To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC today. They serve patients throughout Altona Meadows and surrounding areas.

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