7 Common Feet Problems

The foot is a complex and fascinating part of our anatomy that helps a person stand upright. Our feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 tendons, and 8,000 nerves. They are one of the most important structures of the human body as they bear our weight and allow movement. However, feet are also quite prone to injuries (accidents of any kind) and health issues (infections and diseases).

Below are seven of the most common feet problems we experience.

1. Infections due to manicure and pedicures

Be it at home or in the nail salon, there are many ways you can catch nail infections. Emery boards that are often used in nail salons are sandpaper fitted to a cardboard stick and come in different grits so you can file your nail down in length, shape it and tame those jagged edges. You should know these tools can’t be sanitized. Because of the porous nature of the cardboard, glue, sand, dirt, and debris can get embedded into the file. Your nails can get contaminated from fungus and bacteria that grow rapidly on these boards because some beauty shops do not always use a new emery board with each new client.

Tip! How do you prevent infections from pedicures?

You can reduce the risk by taking your own emery board with you or choose a nail salon that uses glass nail files. Glass has the advantage of being non-porous and hygienic. No bacteria can grow on the filing surface, nor get trapped in the roughened surface of the glass file. And, avoid shaving your legs and ankles just before a visit to the nail salon because if you have scratched yourself while shaving, bacteria can penetrate your wound, leading to infections.

2. Ingrown toenail that causes granuloma

Never try to treat an ingrown toenail yourself. People rush to foot clinics with horrible infections because they’ve tried to lever out an ingrown toenail with some sharp objects. They end up causing a fleshy growth called granuloma, which results from the injury. The best solution here would be to book an appointment with a foot care clinic. They are professionals and will know how to tackle the issue. Book an appointment at Darwin Foot Clinic!

Tip! What do you do if you have ingrown toenails?

Toenails are painful, but you can prevent them from growing by cutting straight across your nails, refining the ends with a glass nail file to lessen the sharp points. You can also lift the ends of the nail and place a small ball of cotton under them to help the nail stay flat and prevent it from curving downwards. Repeat the same process after every shower.

3. What causes stinky feet

It is not sweating that actually smells, it’s the bacteria feeding on the sweat that causes the odour. Sweaty or smelly feet could be due to hyperhidrosis (overactive sweat glands). Some fungal infections can result in dry and flaky skin on which bacteria like to hang out. If you want an effective solution to stop your foot from smelling, you can visit Darwin Foot Clinic and let their experienced professionals help you.

4. Sore feet could be the sign of diabetes or other health conditions

Feet can reveal a lot about our health condition. Sore feet that won’t heal could be indicative of diabetes. Oddly-shaped nails can be the signs of anaemia, while swollen toes might represent complications linked to heart disease. Cancerous melanoma can also start in toenails or feet that appear like purple or black bruises. So if you notice something like that, head to your podiatrist at once.

5. Hammer toes

When wearing high heels, your weight is shifted to your foot, misaligning your skeleton and putting pressure on your toes, pushing them forward where the toe is bent downward permanently. This leads to what is known as “hammer toes” or bunions. Additionally, if you are wearing high heels of the wrong size, the effects can be worse.

6. Cramped toes, calluses, corns, and blisters

Ballet flats are not a better alternative either. Despite their cute looks, ballets provide no arch support, and you might end up with cramped toes. That tightness can provoke ingrown toenails, calluses, corns, and blisters.

7. Toenails can get insanely thicker

Our toenails are made from the same substance as our fingernails, but they are thicker, and they get even thicker as we get older. Bad shoes and stubbing your toes can make the thickening process quicker, and fungal infections like onychomycosis can further make them or the toenails harder.

In life, you will take thousands of steps toward achieving your goals. For that to be possible, your feet should be well taken care of. It is our responsibility to take care of each part of our body. But, sadly, feet are often neglected until people start feeling pain and discomfort. Hopefully, Darwin Foot Clinic provides professional podiatry services tailored to meet your specific condition.

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