WARNING! 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating French Fries Regularly!

French fries are commonly served in fast foods meals or you often fry your potato chips at home. Who doesn’t like french fries? They are so tasty and yummy. Hmm… Some people just can’t stop eating these tasty potato delicacies, but the health consequence can be disastrous in the long term. What you are going to read below will forever make you think twice before eating them again. You have been warned!

1. You know you will put on weight, right? But do you know how this happens?
Natural potatoes cut into french fries and then fried at home might be a healthier alternative as you are getting the carbohydrates necessary to keep you moving. However, with french fries, it’s an entirely different story.

Processed french fries sold at supermarkets or bought together with your meals contain refined carbohydrates which will not necessarily convert into energy. They are complex carbs and your digestion system takes time to convert them into energy (if any carbohydrates remain after digestion!).

What happens is that you are forcing your stomach to process a bad food, which in the end will clog your arteries, raise your blood levels, and if not that, they will make you feel sluggish. Do you remember that feeling with no energy, wishing to sit down and have a rest or even doze off at all times? All these result from eating processed french fries. In doing so, your stomach has to work even harder, which demands more energy. And, in the end, you feel lazy, have a tendency to move less, exercise less, and of course, all that put on weight on your belly, your chest, your stomach and love handles.

2. You will increase your risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
French fries are often soaked in unhealthy trans fats because they have been fried in hydrogenated oils. For the sake of profit, most companies do not love us so much that they will deep fry our delicious french fries in healthy olive or avocado oil. These oils are more expensive and even at home, we may not be using them for deep frying.

Regularly eating french fries would make you prone to heart disease as your cholesterol levels start rising. Different research done by reliable organizations have concluded that frequently eating fried-food significantly raises the risk of incident type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. Don’t stuff your poor stomach with french fries until you explode!

3. Why will you increase your risk of cancer?
A study carried on rats by the National Cancer Institute found that a substance in french fries, called, acrylamide is produced. Potatoes contain amino acid asparagine, which produces acrylamide when heated at high temperatures in the presence of certain sugars found in the potatoes. That said, acrylamide is converted to a compound called glycidamide, which causes mutations in the DNA structure. At that stage, damage to the DNA becomes inevitable, and this can lead to cancer.

4. You’ll lose some brain and nerve function
It turns out that acrylamide can also cause neurological damage. The American Chemical Society found that “acrylamide is capable of causing nerve damage in humans, including muscle weakness and impaired muscle coordination.” They also suggest that “chronic dietary exposure to the chemical is capable of damaging nerve cells in the brain and could potentially play a role in the development of neurodegenerative disease.”

5. Heart, kidney disease and stroke
Processed chips contain a lot of salt as they are already salted during their manufacturing stage at the factory. In addition to that, when you deep fry them, you add salt. And, when you eat them, you add chili sauce (which also contain salt), and you may be adding some even more salt to add further to the taste. In doing so, you are sending a silent killer in your stomach. The excess salt may not affect healthy young people. But, it can be very bad to elder people, especially those who do not practice any physical exercises. So, if you are among this category, you will be increasing your risk of high blood pressure which can lead to heart, kidney disease, and stroke.

You are what you eat
Eating crispy chips is one of the goodies of life, that’s OK once in a while. But making it a habit is a real issue as you would be subjecting your health to disease and reducing your lifespan.

Most people will care to feed their car with only the best things to keep the engine running in tip-top condition; why not apply the same good sense to our cardiovascular system? Feed yourself with the best foods and stay in good health! French fries is indeed a devil and silent killer. Remember, no more processed french fries!

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