The Medlar: A little known Fruit Which Is Good for Your Health

Do you know the medlar? It is a very rare fruit that comes from Japan. You can use it to make pies, cakes and fruit salads. Gourmets love it because it is tart and has many health benefits.

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables is recommended for everyone to say healthy, and incorporating the medlar into your diet can only be beneficial to your specific lifestyle. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about the medlar and its health benefits.

The different types of medlar

There are several varieties of medlar, such as the Eriobotrya japonica Tanaka which has a yellow flesh. There is also the Thale medlar which has the same flesh color. It has an ovoid or rounded shape.

We also find the Champagne medlar, whose flesh can be light yellow or white. As for its skin, it is yellow-orange. There is still the Eriobotrya japonica Early red, which has an orange-red fruit.

The specificities of the medlar

The medlar is also known as Eriobotrya japonica. It is a fruit of ovoid and fleshy form, measuring between 3 and 7 cm and being able to contain 4 to 5 large pips or stones. Its skin is yellow-orange.

The medlar is a fruit that is eaten between March and June. On average, it has a shelf life of one week. You can keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

When you buy them, make sure that the color is orange. Yellow medlars are not yet ripe and maybe sour. Also, make sure you choose medlars without brown spots and damaged parts.

Benefits of medlars

1. To strengthen muscles and joints


Many people, especially the elderly, consume medlars to strengthen their muscle areas and tissues. It is a fruit that helps limit the weakening of bones, among other things.

The medlar is also used to reduce knee, leg, and other joint problems.

2. To lose weight

Providing about 40 calories, the medlar is perfect for people who want to lose weight. It is a fruit that also contains a large amount of fiber. These help to absorb fat in the body and reduce anxiety symptoms.

3. To fight against dehydration and diabetes

The medlar brings a small amount of natural sugar to the body. This is the reason why it is very indicated for diabetics. In addition, being rich in water, this fruit reduces the risks of dehydration of the body.

4. To improve cardiovascular health

Among the benefits of the medlar, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease. This fruit contains a large amount of fiber and limits vascularization disorders and heart problems.

5. To ensure the development of the brain


The medlar is one of the foods that reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, it optimizes blood circulation to the cerebral apparatus while improving the oxygenation of the brain and contributing to the formation of new nervous connections.

6. To fight against constipation

Medlar can be used to support digestive health. Containing a large amount of dietary fiber, this fruit is a good laxative. It can even prevent water retention and constipation.

7. To reduce the risk of cancer

To prevent cancer, eat medlar regularly. It is a fruit that contains linoleic acid, which helps block the development of certain cancers: breast, skin, colon, liver, etc.

Know that by consuming medlar, you benefit from an excellent sight. This is due to the fact that this fruit contains a large amount of vitamin A. Learning about new fruits and vegetables is good for you and your lifestyle, and bringing more fruits into your diet is only beneficial for you. It is something that you should be doing more and more.

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