Surprising Causes of a Heart Disease

Heart disease is known as a silent killer. Most of the time, it strikes unexpectedly or is detected at a fatal stage. However, the key is to discover them quickly. In addition to the apparent causes of heart disease, there are other factors you should pay attention to.

What causes heart disease? The heart is one of the essential organs in the body that requires special attention, especially in adulthood, although much of heart health can be determined at a young age. Eating well, exercising, and avoiding obesity during childhood can make a vast difference in adult heart health.

However, most people tend to be more concerned about their health in middle age or later. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. No one is exempt from it, regardless of age. Determining the causes of heart disease can help get proper treatment and even prevent the onset of the disease.

Here are five surprising causes of heart disease and how to prevent them.

1) Loneliness

Although it may seem like a cliché, there is real truth to it. The risk of heart disease can increase by at least 30% due to depression and loneliness. Involuntary isolation and loneliness can lead to excessive stress, high blood pressure, and depression. When this happens, certain brain chemicals also change, causing more damage to your body. It is crucial to have good social support and to destress. Besides, if you feel the onset of depression, it is best to seek professional help immediately.

2) Consuming Alcoholic Drinks

Regular alcohol consumption can lead to dependence and liver disease, and hardening of the arteries. Cholesterol levels can also increase. A factor that contributes to heart disease. It is acceptable to drink from time to time and to drink moderately.

3) Recurrent Flu

If you regularly get the flu, it’s certainly a cause for concern, and it’s not just the flu itself. Being a viral disease, a person with the flu can have a very weakened immune system. That’s why coughs, colds, and other illnesses often accompany the flu. Unfortunately, a weakened immune system can lead to heart disease because the virus can enter the heart valves and ducts, weakening the tissues.

4) Lack of vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed by the body. It is known that a lack of this vitamin can cause heart disease in some people. The advantage is that vitamin D can be easily obtained from fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, orange juice, and soy milk. It can be checked to see if a vitamin D deficiency is severe. Your doctor will probably give you vitamin D supplements or injections.

5) Diet Pills

If it’s essential to maintain a healthy weight, so is the way you do it. Diet pills, for example, can do more harm than good. Some diet pills contain chemicals that can weaken heart muscles and block arteries, leading to heart disease. Choose the safest route: exercise and diet. It’s the most extended way to lose weight, but it’s still the best. If you want to take diet pills, see a doctor. At the very least, a doctor can help you make an informed choice and give you sound medical advice.

6) Gum Disease

Flossing isn’t just of interest to your dentist, it’s also of interest to your cardiologist. One of the causes of inflammation of the arteries is bacteria that enter your system through the gums. When you take care of your teeth and gums, you also take care of your heart.

If you suspect that you’re experiencing any of these issues, visit your doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further complications!


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