What Are the Potential Effects of Constantly Wearing High Heels?

Do you love wearing high heels? Do you feel your party ensemble is incomplete without your favorite stilettos? A pair of high heels is considered a must-have fashion accessory for women across the globe. But, are you aware of the possible health risks associated with wearing those killer heels? This post explores some of these. You need to remember that these issues will only arise if you overwear your high heels. You’re unlikely to be risking anything by wearing your glamour shoes in moderation.

1. Lower Back Pain

High heels are the ultimate fashion statement for women. They are usually chic and sexy and can up your style quotient. However, comfort and stilettos do not often go well together. High heels do not give complete support to your feet, causing an unequal distribution of weight that may trigger soreness, inflammation and pain in the lower back.

2. Sore Calves

Sore calf muscles are another side effect of those pointed heels. It can also lead to protruding veins, which not only look unappealing but can be extremely painful too.

3. Foot Pain

High heels or stilettos have a certain shape and design that looks fashionable. After a long day on your feet in that uncomfortable footwear, you are likely to suffer from a foot ache. You can experience a sharp pain in your toes, sole, arch or heel.

4. Ankle Sprains

A pair of designer heels can add glamour to your wardrobe. However, you should wear high heels only if you are walking on even surfaces. Potholes, bumps and cobblestones can be potential party-poopers waiting for you to slip and sprain your ankle. Apart from the ankle sprain, a fall like this can also lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows and knees. If you land awkwardly, you might even suffer a concussion.

5. Awkward Spinal Curve

Most fashionistas wear stilettos to flaunt their hourglass figure. High heels make the lower back arch out more than usual. In fact, the height of the heel is directly proportional to the degree of arch in your back. The awkward arch can cause nasty pains in the upper and lower back regions in time.

6. Constricts Blood Vessels

High heel shoes usually make the feet appear longer and thinner. The shoe shape squeezes the foot into a position that certainly isn’t natural and is anything but comfortable. The stress on your foot can result in a constricted blood flow. In extreme cases, it may cause the blood vessels to break.

7. Crooked Feet

Hammer toe is one of the most dangerous side effects of high heels on feet. The unnatural position of the foot, the strain on the calves, blood vessels and back can result in an abnormal bend in the middle joint of your second to fourth toes, called hammer toe or mallet toe.

8. Weakens Ligaments

High heels can potentially weaken your ligaments. You may want to occasionally take a break from the glamorous footwear in order to give your ligaments and joints a chance to recover.

9. Knee Pain

The awkward curvature of the leg while wearing high heels can put too much pressure on the knee joint. It often leads to cases of osteoarthritis in people.

10. Hyperextension in Toes

Another adverse effect of wearing heels all the time is that it fixes your toe in permanent hyperextension.

Now you know how a stylish accessory can take a toll on your health. We hope that reading about these side effects of wearing high heels will make you think twice before slipping into them every other day.

If you have suffered from any health issue because of wearing heels, please share your experience in the comments below.

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