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Now, you need to choose an authentication app. You can use the Xero Verify app, or if you already have an authentication app, like Google Authenticator, you may use that instead. Follow the instructions on the screen by downloading the Xero Verify app on your smartphone. Follow the instructions on the screen to add and confirm a backup email different to the one you use to login to Xero , or security questions that you will always have access to your Xero account, even if you lose your phone.

Follow the instructions on the screen by opening your authenticator app ie: Google Authenticator on your phone and scanning the QR code on your computer screen to add your Xero account. Check your device’s operating system. To use Xero Verify, it needs to be iOS If you’re logged into Xero, you can change devices in your account settings. If not, you’ll need to use a backup method. Find out more about how to change the device you use for MFA.

After you add a backup email address, Xero sends you an email containing a code to confirm your address. If you don’t receive an email, try these fixes:.

To fix, you can:. When prompted to respond to a push notification or enter a code, click Use a backup method instead. Use your backup email or answer your security questions. A push notification can take up to 15 seconds to come through. Alternatively, on your Xero login screen click Use a backup method instead to authenticate your login using a 6-digit code or backup email address.

To fix, click Log in and try again. For security reasons, apps generate new codes every 30 seconds. So far, my experience hasn’t been that great and there are other options. You guys realize online accounting programs is a competitive market now right?

This 2 factor system just adds to stress. Xero are not a bank so I have no idea why this is being done. I am now looking at moving to an alternative system.

I’m trying to do year end and my bookkeeper and accountant can’t access their account and can’t set up MFA. There is no option to manage a specific user’s MFA settings.

This needs a solutions ASAP. I’ve had enough of this 2 step authentication and as my year end is coming want to swap to a software that I can actually log on to. This is a nightmare!!!!!! Are they bored at Xero and just add stupid hurdles??? Why do we have to have this MFA if we don’t want it, it makes logging in a pain!

I have just started using Xero and I think I might go back to Quickbooks must more user friendly. You have taken something that works just fine and suddenly made it extremely frustrating to use. This is stupid on every level. Needs sorting asap. Completely unefficient. I am over this stupid system – we use xero for ease of use and yes I am now looking at other providers as this is time wasting at its finest – I want it gone. I opt out of it on settings and then the next day its right back there again – over it.

How do I opt out of multi factor authentication, its of course my secure because anyone trying to log in will get bored way before they actually access any data. Xero you are not making my life easier, you are costing me time and money. I do not or want this, I need to be able to log into my zero account with out all of this authenticator app rubbish.

How do I switch it off please? Add Xero as an account within Authy. To find the code or key, return to Xero and click Can’t scan the QR code?

Enter a setup key instead. Next to Setup Key , click Copy. Go back to the Authy app, click on the plus icon to add an account. Paste the code or key and click Add Account. As Xero doesn’t appear on the options to choose from, we need to create it. Select one of the options, for example Generic Blue , then to rename it type ‘Xero’ in the Account Name field at the top of the screen. Select 6-digit as the token length, and click Save. Once Authy is generating codes, return to Xero and click Enter Code.

Enter the six digit code from the Authy app and click Confirm. Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. This article is for small businesses who use Xero. We recommend the Xero Verify authenticator app. After installing the authenticator app, you can login to Xero and change the device linked to your Xero account.

Use a backup method to authenticate, if you don’t have access to your current authentication device. If you lose your phone, or the device which has your authenticator app on it, we recommend you change your Xero login password before setting up MFA on your new device.



Reset multi-factor authentication (MFA) – Xero Central

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an additional way of checking that it’s really you when you log in. It combines something you know (your username and. Install the authenticator app on your new phone, or change to a different device so you can keep using multi-factor authentication (MFA.


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